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1.Steven has an intimate knowledge of the Lakeshore markets and a keen grasp of the current market climate and trends. His finger is on the pulse of buyer preferences and what features are popular with home buyers today.

2.Steven will work with you to get your home into top shape so it shows to its best advantage to potential buyers. He brings a discerning eye, and will help you ‘see’ your home from a buyer’s perspective. He’ll show you how to de-clutter, clean, and freshen your home, especially bathrooms and the kitchen. He’ll make your home brighter and lighter, and he’ll show you how to emphasize your home’s best features and minimize any aspects that might be less popular.

3.Steven uses a multi-faceted approach to marketing your home, incorporating the Internet, social media, print media, video, traditional open house showings, all in an optimal mix that maximizes your home’s visibility and exposure to hundreds of potential buyers, presenting your home in its most attractive light!

4.Steven will work with you diligently, keeping you informed and up to date with feedback from each showing and indications of buyer interest. He will follow up quickly with every lead to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks. He will honestly communicate with your potential buyer feedback so you can know what features or aspects of your home are popular and most appealing, and what elements or facets of your home that could be modified or improved to heighten the property’s appeal.

5.Steven knows the selling process thoroughly from start to finish and will make sure you know what to expect every step of the way. There are numerous legal documents required in the sale of a home, such as a deed, a title report, property tax information, mortgage loan information, homeowners insurance information, miscellaneous documentation related to the property, and more. Steven will make sure that every form, every agreement, every document is accurately completed and properly filed so there will be no ‘surprises’ at the closing.

Selling With Stevo

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